Certificate of Confirmation (CC)

What this is For:

Certificate of Confirmation (CC)

Where to File:

Land Transportation Office

How to File:

1. Proceed to the Window 4 to submit all required documents.

2. After encoding and approval, the Cashier's copy (pink copy) of the Certificate of Confirmation (CC) shall be issued.

3. Present the pink copy of the CC to the Cashier and pay the necessary fees.

4. Obtain the Original CC from Window 4.

Other Documentary Requirements:

1. Original and Photocopy of Sales Invoice of the Motor Vehicle or its components

2. Stencils of Engine and Chassis Number

3. Transmittal Report

4. Bureau of Customs-Certificate of Payment (BOC-CP) for Diplomatic or Imported

5. Original and Photocopy of Sales Certification

Checklist of Import/Exempt Transactions for Issuance of CC


1. New Imported Motor Vehicles

- Green Copy of CP

2. Underbond Motor Vehicles

- Green Copy Of CP

- Copy of Re-exportation Bond

- Insurance from GSIS

3. Transfer of Underbond Motor Vehicles

- Cancellation of Bond

- Green Copy of CP

- Official Receipt of Payment of Registration

- Insurance from GSIS

4. Motor Vehicles Under Written Commitment

- Green Copy Of CP

- Endorsement from DFA if Motor Vehicle is embassy-owned

- Certification of Tour of Duty

- Insurance

5. Diplomatic Motor Vehicles

- Endorsement from DFA-Office of the Protocol

- Green Copy of CP

6. Transfer of Motor Vehicles Purchased from Diplomatic/Tax Exempt to Non-Exempt

- Endorsement from DFA

- Certificate of Payment

- OR/CR of Registration

- Deed of Sale