Certified True Copy (CTC) of Lost CC

What this is For:

Certified True Copy (CTC) of Lost CC

Where to File:

Land Transportation Office

How to File:

1. Proceed to the Window 4 to submit all required documents.

2. After encoding and approval, the Cashier's copy (pink copy) of the Certificate of Confirmation (CC) shall be issued.

3. Present the pink copy of the CC to the Cashier and pay the necessary fees.

4. Obtain the Original CC from Window 4.

Other Documentary Requirements:

1. Duplicate Original Copy of Sales Invoice with Original Stencils of Engine and Chassis Number

2. Original Copy of Sales Certification

3. Hard Copy of Stock Report/Prooflist/CSR

4. Affidavit stating therein the:

- Loss of CC

- Loss of Original Sales Invoice

- Non-registration

- Warranty

5. Newspaper publication with Affidavit of Publication of the Publisher

6. Photocopy of Owner's ID