Application for Registration as Resident Agent of an
Unauthorized Foreign Insurer or Broker

What this is For:

Application for Registration as Resident Agent of an Unauthorized Foreign Insurer or Broker

Where to File:

Licensing Division, Insurance Commission, UN Avenue, Manila

How to File:

All applicants shall file their application form with the Licensing Division, Insurance Commission in UN Avenue, Manila.

Other Documentary Requirements:


A. Natural Person

1. No Previous License

a. Income Tax Return/ Receipt (ITR)

b. Certificate showing that applicant has successfully completed an academic course or training program in the kind or kinds of insurance contemplated in the license applied for

c. ACR and ICR, if applicant is an alien

d. If a minor, a statement from the company to the effect that parent or guardian of applicant has, for and in behalf of said minor, signed the contract of agency and that the company holds itself responsible for all acts of the minor agent

e. DTI Certificate of Registration, if any

2. With Previous License

a. Privilege Tax Receipt (PTR) and ITR for the preceding year

b. Permission/ clearance from other insurance companies

B. Juridical Person (Corporation and Partnership)

1. SEC Certificate of Registration of Articles of Incorporation/ Partnership and By-laws

2. ITR and latest Balance Sheet of the Corporation

3. ITR of the Soliciting Official

4. Resolution of the Board of Directors or appointment papers of the Soliciting Official of the corporation/ partnership


In addition to the above requirements:

1.) Special Power of Attorney

2.) General Agency Agreement

Minimum paid-up capital of PHP250,000.00 pursuant to Insurance Memorandum Circular No. 1-2004 dated 12 January 2004

Two (2) documentary stamps to be affixed to the application and to the Certificate of Authority

Fees: Ordinary AgentPHP150.00; General AgentPHP250.00