Application for Certificate of Registration as Non-Life Company Underwriter

What this is For:

Application for Certificate of Registration as Non-Life Company Underwriter

Where to File:

Licensing Division, Insurance Commission, UN Avenue, Manila

How to File:

All applicants shall file their application form with the Licensing Division, Insurance Commission in UN Avenue, Manila.

Other Documentary Requirements:


Sec. 320. No person shall be registered with the Commissioner, unless such person shall be at least twenty-one years of age on the date of such registration; a resident of the Philippines; of good moral character and with no conviction of any crime involving moral turpitude; has had at the time such registration is made at least two years of underwriting work in the particular line or risk involved; and has passed such qualifying written examination that the Commissioner shall conduct at such time and in such place as he may decide to hold for applicants desiring to act as underwriters.

Such examination shall not be required of any person who has served as non-life company underwriter for a period of at least five years, if the Commissioner is satisfied of the applicant's competence as shown by the results of his underwriting work in the non-life insurance company or companies that employed him in that capacity. The minimum underwriting experience herein required may be reduced or waived if it is shown to the satisfaction of the Commissioner that the non-life company underwriter has undergone extensive education and/or training in insurance.