Membership Registration

What this is For:

Membership Registration for PAG-IBIG

Where to File:

nearest Pag-IBIG branch

How to File:

1. Attend orientation on the HDMF membership program


Under PD 1752 as amended by Republic Act No.7742, membership is mandatory for all SSS and GSIS members earning P4,000.00 and above, and as such, these employees must be registered automatically as Pag-IBIG members by their respective employers.

Other groups may register with the Fund under any of the following categories:

Self-employed Individuals and Informal Income Earners

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), Resident Immigrants, and Naturalized Citizens (under the Pag-IBIG Overseas Program)

Non-working Married Spouse

An employee earning less than P4,000.00 a month may register with the Fund and the employer must provide an employer counterpart equivalent to 2% of monthly fund salary.

2. Secure a Members Data Form (HDMF M1-2) together with the checklist of requirements

NOTE: For employed individuals, MDF may also be secured from their respective employers

3. Submit accomplished HDMF M1-2 together with the complete required documents


For Employed Individuals, HDMF M1-2 and required documents may be submitted through their respective employer/s.

For Self-employed Individuals, HDMF M1-2 and the required documents may be submitted through their authorized representative.

4. Receive Membership Registration/ Remittance Form (HDMF M1-1)

5. Remit the membership contributions

NOTE: For employed individuals, contributions shall be made through salary deduction.

6. Receive Pag-IBIG Fund Receipt (PFR)

7. Claim HDMF ID card

NOTE: For employed individuals, ID cards may be claimed from their respective employers.

Other Documentary Requirements:


Members Data Form (HDMF M1-2)

Certification of Employment and Compensation (CEC) or latest pay slip

1x1 ID photo

2. Self Paying

a. Employed (Waived Companies)

Members Data Form (HDMF M1-2)

CEC or latest pay slip

Employees ID card

1x1 ID photo

b.Self Employed (With Business)

Members Data Form (HDMF M1-2)

Any of the following:

-Business Permit/Mayors Permit

-SEC/DTI Registration

Latest ITR with Financial Statement

1x1 ID photo

c.Self Employed (Transport Operators)

Members Data Form (HDMF M1-2)

Franchise or photocopy of Car Registration

Latest ITR (if applicable)

1x1 ID photo

d. OFW

Members Data Form (HDMF M1-2)

Latest Contract of Employment or Passport/VISA

1x1 ID photo

e. Self Employed (commission basis)

Members Data Form (HDMF M1-2)

License or Contract

Latest ITR

1x1 ID photo

f. Self Employed (Professionals)

Members Data Form (HDMF M1-2)

Professional License

Latest ITR

1x1 ID Picture

g. Self Employed (non-working married spouse)

Members Data Form (HDMF M1-2)

Written Consent from working spouse

Latest ITR of spouse or CEC of Pag-IBIG member spouse

Marriage Certificate

1x1 ID photo

3. Membership in Cooperatives and Trade Associations

Certificate of Registration with any of the following agencies:

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB)

Cooperative Development Authority (CDA)

List of Officers and Members with their corresponding earnings