Conductor's License

What this is For:

Application for Conductor's License

Where to File:

Land Transportation Office

How to File:

1. Proceed to the Customer Service Counter to have your documents checked for completeness, and secure a Driver's License Application Form. Get a queue number and wait for your number to be called.

2. When your number is called, proceed to the transaction counters to submit all required documents to the Evaluator.

3. Proceed to the Phototaking/Signature Area to have your picture and signature taken when your name is called.

4. Proceed to the Cashier when your name is called to pay the application fee and obtain an Official Receipt.

5. Proceed to the Testing Area and present the Official Receipt to take the written exam.

6. After passing the written exam, proceed to the Cashier when your name is called for the necessary fees and obtain an Official Receipt.

7. Proceed to the Releasing Counter, present the Official Receipt and claim the temporary license or card type license.

Note: This procedure applies also to licenses that have not been renewed for 2 or more years. (Dormant Licenses)


Qualifications for all license applicants:

1. Must be at least:

- Sixteen (16) years old for Student Permit

- Seventeen (17) years old for Non-Professional License

- Eighteen (18) years old for Professional License and Conductor's License

2. Must be physically and mentally fit to operate a motor vehicle

3. Must not be a drug user or alcoholic

4. Must be able to read and write in Pilipino or English

5. Must be clean, neat and presentable


Fees / License Conductors

License/ Permit P210.00

Application Fee P25.00

Computer Fee P52.80

Total P287.80

Other Documentary Requirements:

1. Duly accomplished Application for Driver's License.

2. Proof of identity (Any of the following)

- Original Birth Certificate with photocopy

- NSO authenticated Birth Certificate with Official Receipt and photocopy

- Any government issued document to prove his age and identity (SSS ID, PhilHealth ID, GSIS ID, TIN ID, Pag-ibig ID, Office ID)

3. Clearances (Any of the following)

- NBI Clearance

- Police Clearance

- Court Clearance

4. Medical Certificate (from an LTO accredited or Government Physician)