Intellectual Property Office

IP Philippines’ Vision

An Intellectual Property-conscious Philippines in a demystified, development-oriented, and democratized IP System by 2020
(2020 VISION: 3D IP)

IP Philippines’ Mission

We are a knowledge-driven government organization that works towards economic, technological, and socio-cultural development by communicating, enabling, and ensuring the effective use of the Intellectual Property System in all levels of society for the creation, protection, utilization, and enforcement of Intellectual Property

IP Philippines’ Strategic Goals

SG1 Deliver quality and timely patents, trademarks, and other registrations

SG2 Provide speedy, quality, and effective legal remedies and be the forum of choice for IP dispute resolution

SG3 Provide IP-related business development and technology transfer services

SG4 Institutionalize copyright support services

SG5 Increase the level of appreciation of, respect for, and utilization of IP

SG6 Lead the advocacy for legal and policy infrastructures to address emerging national and global demands of the IP system

SG7 Develop and maintain a highly-motivated, competent, and cohesive workforce committed to serve with professionalism, transparency, and integrity

SG8 Provide a conducive work environment that supports professional growth and promotes work-life balance

IPO Bldg., 351 Sen. Gil J. Puyat Ave., Makati City
(632) 238-6300 to 65

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