Continuing Authority to Verify Bank Deposits

SEC authorization for continuing authority to verify bank deposits

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City of ________________) s.s.

This is to AUTHORIZE the duly authorized representatives of the Securities
and Exchange Commission to examine and verify the following bank deposits in the
name of Investment House's Name:
Local / Foreign Bank

Account Number

Branch Address

This authority is valid and inspection of said bank deposits may be made prior
to the issuance of the Investment House/Underwriter license under the Investment
Houses Law and the Omnibus Rules and Regulations for Investment Houses and
Universal Banks Registered as Underwriters of Securities, and at any time during the
lifetime of its registration as such in accordance with the terms and conditions
I hereby declare that the bank accounts stated above consists of all bank
accounts currently being held by the Investment House/Underwriter and that this
authorization shall likewise include all future bank accounts of similar nature to be
opened by the Investment House/Underwriter.
I further hereby declare that I have been duly authorized by the Board of
Directors of the company to issue and execute this continuing authorization for the
verification of the foregoing bank accounts.
I have hereunto affixed my hand this _____ day of _______________ 20___
at _______________, Metro Manila.
Duly Authorized Signatory
SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me this _____ day of
_______________ 20___ in _______________, Metro Manila, affiant exhibiting to
me his/her Community Tax Certificate No. _______________ issued on
_______________ at _______________.

Doc. No. _____
Page No. _____
Book No. _____
Series of _____

SEC Form IH/U-Authorization
November 2007