Checklist of Requirements

BWC checklist of requirements for installation of electrical wirings of industrial facilities

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Industrial Facilities

Covering / Transmittal Letter with contact name and tel. /cell phone number (to be
retained at Director's Office only.

2. One (1) printed copy of plans/drawings and application form signed and sealed by a
professional electrical engineer (PEE); and two (2) compact disc (CD) or universal serial
bus (USB) flash drive containing the requirements in read-only in the form of portable
document format (PDF) reflecting PRC and PTR Number of the professional electrical
engineer (PEE) and stamp of PEE in lieu of dry seal.
The following shall be incorporated in the plans/drawing
b.1 Location and site plan;
b.2 General notes and/or specifications;
b.3 Legend or symbol and schedule of loads;
b.4 Plans for power and lighting;
b.5 Design analysis and computations;
b.6 Single line diagram for the entire installation;
b.7 Plans for fire detection and alarm circuits (if any); and
b.8 Plans and specifications for indoor and/or outdoor substation.
3. All plans/drawings and application forms are to be signed by the owner/manager or
his/her authorized representative;
4. Indicate the company's TIN in the application forms;
5. Photocopy of the current PRC ID & PTR of the PEE who signed & sealed of the plan
and the PEE/REE who is in-charged / to supervise the installation;
6. Certificate of appearance of the PEE.
In the event that the said PEE has not yet obtained a certificate of appearance, he is
required to appear personally at the Bureau or at the Dole Regional Office so that the
corresponding certificate of appearance, duly signed by the Bureau Director, the Regional
Director or the Asst. Regional Director, whichever is applicable, will be issued;

1) All applications for electrical wiring installations within the area of jurisdiction of the
following chartered cities shall be submitted directly to the Building Official of the
concerned Local Government Unit (LGU):
1.1 Manila City
1.6 Iloilo City
1.2 Quezon City
1.7 Bacolod City
1.3 Caloocan City
1.8 Cebu City
1.4 Pasay City
1.9 Mandaue City
1.5 Batangas City
1.10 Davao City
2) All applications for electrical wiring installation in the National Capital Region (NCR)
except Manila City, Quezon City, Caloocan City and Pasay City shall be submitted
directly to DOLE-NCR office.
3) All applications for electrical wiring installation in the Region IV-A (CALABARZON)
except Batangas City shall be submitted directly to DOLE-Regional Office IV-A.
4) If the local government unit (LGU) where the electrical wiring will be installed requires
a copy, the owner shall submit the copy of plans.
5) As per Labor Advisory no. 11 s 2016, establishment owners shall submit application &
plans to DOLE Regional Office which has jurisdiction over the workplace for
review/evaluation before endorsing to the nearest R.O. with PEE.
6) Assigning of application numbers by PEE or assigned evaluator shall be coordinated
with BWC to avoid possible duplications thru email at [email protected] or
[email protected]