Annex C1 Proof of Inward Remittance

DTI foreign sole proprietor proof of inward remittance

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Proof of Inward Remittance

This is to certify that we received an incoming remittance on
____________________________ in favor of ________________________________
(Business Name/Name of Proprietor)
under Account No. ________________ maintained at __________________________
(Name of Bank)
USD: _______________________(US$_______________________) which have been
converted into Pesos: ____________________________(P________________).
This certification is being issued for registration with the Department of Trade
and Industry and with Central Bank under R.A. 7042 and for the registration with the
latter of foreign currency investment for grant of investor capital repatriation and
dividend remittance privileges.

(Date Issued)

Authorized Signatory Official

Signature : _________________________________
Name of Authorized Officer: ___________________
Designation: ________________________________