Agent Database

DTI agent database for sea freight forwarders

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Business Licensing and Accreditation Division (BLAD)
Accreditation of Freight Forwarders (PSB AO6 s.2005)
List of Foreign and Domestic Principal/Agents
Company Name:



Name of CompanyAgent/Principal

BBBox to the



Fax No.

E-mail Address

Contact Persons/Designation

* Put Y (for yes), if this particular agent ships balikbayan boxes to the Philippines which your company delivers to its ultimate consignees, otherwise, put N- for No.

Prepared by:


Certified true and correct:
Signature, Name & Position of Authorized
Officer/ Date

1. Enumerate all your agents and principal (both foreign and domestic, if applicable). One Line (row) per agent or principal/city/country.
2. Add rows, if necessary, to accommodate all your principals/agents/network.
3. Save in worksheet (MS Excel/OpenCalc) file format. To name file, use your company name and date this form was accomplished; ex.: your company name is ABCD Forwarders, Inc.
and you accomplished this sheet on February 11, 2015, your file name should be: ABCDForwarders11Feb2015.
4. Submit a signed copy (by the authorized signatory) and an e-copy via email: [email protected], cc: [email protected]; [email protected];
[email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]
5. Inform FTEB-BLAD, thru your account officer, of any changes in the information within fifteen (15) days after the changes took effect.
6. For further inquiries, please call the Business Licensing and Accreditation Division at tel. no.: 890-4892 or email [email protected]
CPG-FTEB-BLAD-Form No.31/rev.02/01.15.18