Application for Alteration of Condominium Plan

HLRUB application form for alteration of condominium plan

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Series of 20 ____
Annex ____
The Regional Officer
Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board
In accordance with P.D. 957 and its Implementing Standards Rules and Regulations, I am
applying for the Alteration of Plan of _______________________________________________________
(Name of Condominium Project)
with Development Permit No. ________________ having a total area of ______________ square meters,
containing __________________units.
1. Two ( 2 ) copies of the plan showing the proposed alteration duly signed and sealed by a
Licensed Architect/Engineer;
2. Letter stating the reason for the proposed alteration/conversion
3. If project is already issued License to Sell, compliance with R.A. 7899 of 1995 that is:
3.1 Written consent from the simple majority of registered owners
3.2 Proof of prior written notification to all registered owners
4. Tabulated Summary of the alterations introduced in the project including the affected area in
square meters.
I can be reached at
Telephone No. :
Or through my representative: _________________________________________
Telephone No. :
Very truly yours,

(Printed Name and Signature)

Republic of the Philippines)
_____________________ ) S.S.
SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me this day of _________________________________in
the City/Province of __________________, affiant exhibited to me his/her Residence Certificate No.
___________ issued at____________________ on ___________________ 20____

Doc. No. __________________
Page No. _________________
Book No. _________________
Series of __________________

Notary Public