Appendix B Certificate of Compliance

BOC certificate of compliance for consolidated shipment of balikbayan boxes

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Name of Shipping Line
Port of Loading /Country

THIS IS TO CERTIFY that the Information Sheets and other supporting documents
pertaining to the shipment details below have been transmitted in a secure electronic
format to the Philippine Bureau of Customs and to our duly registered designated
deconsolidator, pursuant to the former’s mandatory requirements.
THIS IS TO CERTIFY FURTHER, that we have an existing service contract with the
deconsolidator named below.
Name of Consolidator

Complete business address
and contact details

Contact person and

Name of

Complete business address
and contact details

Contact person and

Name of shipping line

Vessel name and voyage

Master bill of lading number

Container number, size
and seal number

Total number of balikbayan

Notify Party (if different
from consignee)

Original Port and
Country of Loading

Vessel departure date/time
(port of loading)

We declare that all the information contained this Certification are true and correct and
in faithful compliance with the provisions of Customs Memorandum Order No.______
entitled “ __________” issued by the Philippine Bureau of Customs on________ 2016.
We hereby hold ______(name of shipping line)______and its general agent in the
Philippines free and harmless from all liabilities and any consequences thereof arising out
of this Certification.
We further authorize the ________(name of shipping line)_______ to transmit this
Certification to its general agent in the Philippines and the Republic of the Philippines
Bureau of Customs.
Date of Certification:
Name of Consolidator:
Printed name and signature of Consolidator /Authorized Representative: