17 Certificate of Posting Compliance

DAR certificate of posting compliance for CARPER LAD

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CARPER LAD Form No. 17
(Revised CARP-LAD Form No. 7)
Republic of the Philippines
(Name of Issuing Office)
Province of ________________
Municipality of _______________
Barangay of ____________________
This is to certify that the: (check appropriate box)
Notice of Coverage (CARPER LAD Form No. 3)
Preliminary List of Potential Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries (CARPER LAD Form No.
BARC Certified Master List of Qualified Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Approved by
the PARO CARPER LAD Form No. 31) with Notice on the BARC Certified Master List
of ARBs approved by the PARO (CARPER LAD Form No. 33)
Amended Master List of Qualified Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries (CARPER LAD Form
No. 35) with Notice on the Amended Master List of ARBs (CARPER LAD Form No. 36)
Posting on the Issuance of NLVA (CARPER LAD Form No. 52B)
in the landholding covered under the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP), owned by
____ embraced by OCT/TCT No. __________________________, TD No. ______________ with Lot
No.___________ and Approved Survey No. _________________, with a total area of __________
(has.) more or less, and located at _____________________________________________, has
been posted for a period of seven (7) days from __________________ to ___________________ in
the following location (please check appropriate box)
City/municipal halls
Barangay halls
Conspicuous places in the Landholding
This Certification is issued as a proof that the Notification of Parties through posting has been
properly observed and that the Notice was posted as stated above.
Done this day ______ of ___________________ , 20_____ .

Signature over Printed Name of
BARC Chairperson/Barangay Secretary, City/Municipal Administrator or
Authorized Representative
Copy Distribution:

-BARC Chairperson