Amendment of SSS Records

What this is For:

Amendment of SSS Records (SSS Form E-4)

Where to File:

Nearest SSS Office

How to File:

You must fill up the first page of Form E-4 using black ink and submit it in two original copies in person to the nearest SSS branch. The SSS requires the submission of a photocopy of the supporting document, but the original or a certified true copy of the document must also be presented for authentication purposes.

Other Documentary Requirements:

Photocopy of the following:

marriage certificate for change of status

Birth certificate or baptismal certificates of children for change or addition of dependents

birth certificate or baptismal certificate for correction of birth date and name

In case of non-availability of birth record or baptismal certificate, submit a certificate of loss or non-availability from the local civil registrar of the place where the member was born and from the parish priest of the locality where the member was baptized, together with any two of the following documents:

record of employment

GSIS member's record

certificate from the National Archive

Alien Certificate of Registration

Birth certificate/baptismal certificates of children

marriage certificate

school records


joint affidavit of two disinterested parties attesting to the correct name and/or fact of birth of the person concerned

The original or certified true copies of the documents should be presented to the SSS for authentication.