Claim for Disability Benefit

What this is For:

Claim for Disability Benefit

Where to File:

nearest SSS branch

How to File:

An SSS member may file a claim for disability benefit by accomplishing the following forms:

SSS Form DDR-1 (Consolidated Claim Form for Death, Disability and Retirement)

SSS Form MMD-102 (Medical Certificate)

SSS Form B-309 (Accident Report)

You must fill up these forms using black ink and submit them in person, if you are physically able, to the nearest SSS branch, together with your SSS ID card. You may also bring other documents to support your application, such as clinical and laboratory test results, x-ray films, and hospital records. Physical examination for claimants is only performed in the morning, so be sure to be at the SSS before 12 noon. You may, however, request for a home visit from an SSS physician if your disability inhibits your movement. In such a case, you must authorize someone to file your disability claim with the SSS on your behalf. Your representative should come in the morning and bring your accomplished application forms.