Pursuant to Section 236 of the National Internal Revenue Code, any registered taxpayer shall, whenever applicable, update his registration information with the Revenue District Office where he is registered, specifying therein any change in tax type and other taxpayer details (i.e. change in registered activities/line of industry, change in registered name/ trade name and change in accounting period).

What this is For:

BIR Form 1905 BIR Form 1905 Application for Registration Information Update

Where to File:

RDO where taxpayer is registered

How to File:

How/ Procedure

1) Taxpayer applicant files BIR Form 1905, together with the attachments at the RDO where they are registered within ten (10) days from retirement of business.

2) Taxpayer files short period return for income tax purposes.

3) RDO verifies if taxpayer has open cases reflected in the Integrated Tax System (ITS). If YES, ask taxpayer to submit required returns and pay the corresponding tax due/s and penalties if any.

4) RDO verifies if taxpayer has delinquent cases at the Assessment, Collection, and Legal Divisions of the Region;

5) RDO verifies if taxpayer has delinquent cases at the Collection Enforcement Division, BIR National Office

6) RDO requests for Letter of Authority to investigate internal revenue taxes for all un-audited taxable years prior to cancellation of business.

7) Assigned Case officer conducts investigations for period/s covered in the issued Letter of Authority.

8) Taxpayer complies with requirements of audit and pays corresponding deficiency taxes resulting from audit using Form 0605.

9) RDO issues tax clearance for closure of business.

10) RDO updates ITS and cancels TIN of taxpayer (for non-individual taxpayer).

Other Documentary Requirements:

1) Letter of request stating reason for termination of business

2) Original Certificate of Registration

3) Books of Accounts

4) Inventory List of Unused Receipts and Invoices

5) Unused Receipts and Invoices for cancellation

6) Board Resolution / Notice of Dissolution (if Corporation / Partnership)

Additional Requirements in Case of Death of Individual Taxpayer:

1) Death Certificate

3) Payment of Estate Tax, if any