What this is For:

The Individually Paying Program (IPP) is one exciting program component of the NHIP. It fulfills the provision for universality and equity of NHIP as it caters to the various classifications of members covering the entire Filipino population here and even those who are working overseas either on a contractual or long-term basis. The Program gives profound concern for the budding entrepreneurs, self-earning professionals, members of the agricultural sector, members of the informal sector like the fish and cigarette vendors, tricycle drivers, among others.

The IPP does not only give emphasis to the universality and equity of NHIP but most importantly, it is a significant phase of enabling the government to provide financial access to basic health care package through easy and simple membership and payment of premium contribution procedures.

PhilHealth's IPP, an empowering social service program for a healthy and happy Filipino nation in the next millenium.

1. Coverage

With the provision for universal coverage, the following categories and sub-categories are covered by the Individually Paying Program:

1.1 Self-Employed Self Employed

Refers to a person who works for himself and is therefore both employer and employee, including but not limited to:

a.) Self-earning professionals like doctors, lawyers;

b.) Business partners and single proprietors / proprietresses;

c.) Actors, actresses, directors, scriptwriters and news reporters who are not under an employer-employee relationship.

d.) Professional athletes, coaches, trainers and jockeys;

e.) Farmers and fisherfolks; and

f.) Workers in the informal sector such as ambulant vendors, watch-your-car boys, hospitality girls, tricycle drivers, etc.

1.2 Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) Overseas Filipino Workers

An OFW is one who works for a foreign-based employer in a foreign country/territory and such employer does not have an agreement with PhilHealth to cover its employees in the NHIP.

1.3 Separated from Employment Separated from Employment

Refers to individuals who were previously covered under the "employed category" and are separated from employment, who opt to continue paying their premium contributions. They may not be members of SSS or any government-administered retirement plan. Also included in this sub-category are voluntary members of SSS.

1.4 Employees of international organizations and foreign governments based in the Philippines where such international organizations/foreign governments do not have agreement with PhilHealth for the coverage of their Filipino employees in NHIP.

1.5 All other individuals not covered under the first four categories, which include but are not limited to the following:

a.) Parents who are not qualified as legal dependents, indigents or retireess/pensioners;

b.) Retirees who did not meet the minimum one hundred twenty (120) monthly contributions;

c.) Children who are not qualified as legal dependents as defined in RA 7875; and

d.) Unemployed persons who are not qualified as indigents.

Should IPP members later qualify as indigent members, they may enroll and change their membership status from IPP to Indigent Program upon payment of their premium contribution by the Local Government Unit (LGU) where they reside.

2. Premium Contribution

Premium contribution for the IPP including all existing self-employed, voluntary, and overseas worker members of SSS is Fixed at P100.00 per month. This can be paid in quarter, semi-annual or annual basis.

The premium contribution is fixed generally because there is no regular monthly compensation for which to base the contribution upon. Furthermore, the IPP is made under a voluntary scheme and majority of the target clientele of the program falls under the less privileged sectors.

How to File:


3. Enrollment and Membership to the Program

In aid of making the Program easy and accessible, procedure for enrollment or registration to the IPP is a simple One-Two-Three Step.


Visit PhilHealth's Central Office or the nearest PhilHealth Regional Office (PRO).

Other Documentary Requirements:

Accomplish two (2) copies of Form M1b M1b (Member Data Form for IPP Members) and submit these together with a copy of Birth or Baptismal Certificate but in the absence of both, any supporting document as prescribed by PhilHealth guidelines. To declare dependents, authenticated photocopies of the following documentary requirements should be attached to the accomplished M1b form:

Dependents Documentary Requirements