FM-DOLE-BWC-02.01 Checklist for Construction Heavy Equipment

BWC accreditation checklist of requirements for testing organization for construction heavy equipment

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Revision No. 01
Date Issued: 15 May 2015

Department of Labor and Employment

Checklist of Documentary Requirements Accreditation of Testing
Organization for Construction Heavy Equipment (CHE)
Pursuant To Department Order No. 16
Series Of 2001

INSTRUCTION: Must submit the required documents fasten in a long folder arranged in order as listed below. Only applications
with complete documentary requirements shall be accepted.
Name of Organization:

New Applicant


Documentary Requirements for New Application
Documentary Requirements for Renewal
1. Application Letter
1. Valid/updated documentary requirements same with
2. Duly Accomplished Applicant’s Profile (FM-DOLE-BWC-02.02)
new application (Items 1 to 12)
3. Photocopy of valid business registration and permit/license to
2. Quarterly reports on inspection/testing and
SEC Registration if corporation/partnership. To include
Certification issued to clients within the validity period
Articles of Incorporation and its by Laws
of the accreditation
DTI Registration if sole proprietor
Mayor’s permit/business permit
3. Last issued certificate of Accreditation as Testing
DOLE Registration under Rule 1020 of the OSHS
Organization for CHE
4. Organization’s profile/structure signed by the employer or
his/her authorized representative
5. Updated resume of the following :
Complete documentary requirements
Accredited OSH Consultant/s
Incomplete documentary requirements
Accredited OSH Practitioner/s
Technical Personnel
Other Staff
6. Duly Notarized Contract of Service/Agreement
Accredited OSH Consultant/s
Accredited OSH Practitioner/s
Technical Personnel
Other Staff
7. Photocopy of valid Accreditation Certificate of the two (2) OSH
Consultants and/or OSH Practitioners with at least
2 years of experience & has undergone training on the operation
and testing of CHE
8. Photocopy of valid PRC License of the required PME and two (2)
technical personnel in any field of engineering appropriate to
the system
Professional Mechanical Engineer (PME)
Checked by : _______________________
Civil Engineer
Mechanical Engineer
Date :
Electrical Engineer
Personnel in other field of Engineering
1. Processing of application shall commence upon
9. Photocopy of certificate of trainings on the operation & testing
submission of complete documents.
of construction heavy equipment and/or other OSH related 2. Original copies of the submitted documents must be
trainings of OSH Consultant, OSH Practitioner, technical staff
presented during ocular visit.
and other personnel
3. Submitted documents are still subject for thorough
10. Photocopy of valid skills certification of the heavy equipment
evaluation/validation wherein the applicant may still be
operator issued by TESDA
required to submit other pertinent documents.
11. Proof of ownership or duly notarized contract of leased of the
Office space/building
For more information you may call us at 527-3000
12. Proof of ownership or duly notarized contract of leased of the
loc 307 & 303 or email us at
testing/inspection equipment