SF-INFR-19 NFCC Computation

NHA form for financial document eligibility check

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Standard Form Number: SF-INFR-19
Revised on: July 29, 2004

A. Summary of the Applicant Firm’s/Contractor’s assets and liabilities on the basis of the attached
Internal Revenue or BIR authorized collecting agent, for the immediately preceding year and a
certified copy of Schedule of Fixed Assets particularly the list of construction equipment.
income tax return and audited financial statement, stamped “RECEIVED” by the Bureau of
Internal Revenue:

Year 20__

Total Assets
Current Assets
Total Liabilities
Current Liabilities
Total Net Worth (1-3)
Current Net Worth or Net
Working Capital (2-4)

B. The Net Financial Contracting Capacity (NFCC) based on the above data is computed as
NFCC = K (current asset – current liabilities) minus value of all outstanding works under
ongoing contracts including awarded contracts yet to be started
NFCC = P _______________________________________
K = 10 for a contract duration of one year or less, 15 for more than one year up to two years
and 20 for more than two years
Commitment from a licensed bank to extend to it a credit line if awarded the contract or a cash
deposit certificate in the amount of at least 10% of the proposed project to bid.
Name of Bank: ________________________________ Amount: ___________________
Herewith attached are certified true copies of the income tax return and audited financial
statement: stamped “RECEIVED” by the BIR or BIR authorized collecting agent for the immediately
preceding year and the cash deposit certificate or certificate of commitment from a licensed bank
to extend a credit line.
Submitted by:
Name of Firm / Contractor
Signature of Authorized Representative
Date : _____________________________
1. If Partnership or Joint Venture, each Partner or Member Firm of Joint Venture shall submit the
above requirements.