2200-A Excise Tax Return for Alcohol Products

This BIR return shall be filed in triplicate by the following: 1. Manufacturer or producer of locally manufactured or produced alcohol products; and 2. Owner or person having possession of the alocohol products which were removed from the place of production without the payment of excise tax.

Your Browser Doesn't Support Canvas. Showing the Text Content of the PDF Instead: NOTICE OF AVAILMENT OF TAX AMNESTY
Under Republic Act No. 9480

The Commissioner of Internal Revenue
BIR National Office Building
Diliman, Quezon City
Attention: Revenue District Officer ______________________
Revenue District Office No. ___________________
Revenue Region No. _________________________
I/We hereby notify your Office that _______________________________________________________ __________,
(Name of Taxpayer)

with TIN __________________ and registered address at _______________________________________________________
______________________________ would like to avail of the tax amnesty under R.A. No. 9480, as implemented by
Department Order No. 29-07.
Attached are the required documents:

Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Networth (SALN) as of December 31, 2005
Without previous SALN /Balance Sheet

With previous SALN /Balance Sheet

- SALN as of December 31, 2005

- Original declaration
- Amended declaration


Tax Amnesty Return (BIR Form No. 2116)
Tax Amnesty Payment Form/Acceptance of Payment Form (BIR Form No. 0617)

I declare under the penalties of perjury, that this statement and the attached documents mentioned above have been
made in good faith, verified by me and I attest to the correctness and completeness of the declaration therein.

President/Vice President/Principal Officer/
Authorized Representative/Taxpayer
(Signature Over Printed Name)

Stamp of Receiving Office and Date of Receipt
(RO’s Signature Over Printed Name)