Import Permit Application Form

TIEZA application form for import permit

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Received by: _________________
Date : _________ Time : _______

Application No. ______________
Official Acceptance (Stamp Below)

1. Applicant
Office Address:
Designation/Registration No.
Registered Activity:
Zone Location:
Type of Zone

Tel No.
Date Registered:

Type of RTE:

Fax No.

[ ] New
[ ] Expanding
[ ] Outside a TEZ

2. List of Importables
(Please refer to Annex “A” and “B” for the format of the listing of the items to be imported)
3. Applicant makes the following Representation and Commitment
a. The Import Permit shall be secured prior to departure of carrying vessel or aircraft from the country of
Importation of Transportation Equipment and Spare Parts
b. That the items applied for are not manufactured domestically in sufficient quantity, of comparable
quality and at reasonable prices;
c. That the items are reasonably needed and will be used exclusively by the TEZ Operator/ Registered
Tourism Enterprise.
Importation of Capital Investment and Equipment
b. That the capital investment and equipment are directly and actually needed and shall be used
exclusively by the TEZ Operator and/or Registered Tourism Enterprise in its registered activity;
c. That the rated capacity of the capital equipment to be imported is within the registered capacity of the
TEZ Operator and the Registered Tourism Enterprise.
Importation of Goods and Services
b. That the goods and services are directly and actually needed by the TEZ Operator and/or the
Registered Tourism Enterprise in its registered activity;
c. The goods and services to be imported shall be used for the purpose of operating a wholesale or retail
establishment in competition with the Duty Free Philippines Corporation (DFPC).

Disposal of Imported Machinery or Equipment
a. That the imported machinery or equipment shall not be sold, transferred, or disposed of within five (5)
years from date of acquisition without prior board approval, otherwise, the vendee, transferee, or
assignee shall be solidarily liable to pay twice the amount of the tax exemptions granted;
b. That any sale, transfer, assignment, donation or other form of disposition of capital equipment,
brought into the TEZ duty and tax-free, after five (5) years from date of acquisition shall require prior
approval of the TIEZA Chief Operating Officer, subject to payment of the applicable taxes.

Done in ____________________ this ____ day of _________________ 2014


SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me this ___ day of ____________ 201__ applicant exhibiting to me
his/her Residence Certificate No. ___________ issued at __________ on ____________.

Doc. No. _______
Page No._______
Book No. _______
Series No. 2014.

Notary Public



Duly accomplished and notarized application form (3 Sets) with the following attachments:
a. List of Importables being applied for using the format presented in the application form as Annex
b. Computation of estimated costs, taxes and duties, using the format presented as Annex “B”.


CD containing the soft copy of the list as mentioned in number 1a and 1b


Pro-forma invoice or price quotation in the name of the applicant as consignee to whom the shipment
will be released.


Proof that the items to be imported are not manufactured locally; or those locally manufactured are
not in sufficient quantity, of comparable quality or at reasonable price
a. Affidavit that items are not locally manufactured in comparably quality, sufficient quantity and
reasonable price and will be used exclusively used by the applicant
b. At least 3 sets of local canvass with comparative summary for items to be imported if items are
locally available; Or at least one (1) certification from local supplier of similar items that these are
not locally manufactured and/or available (signed by local supplier)


Justification for the acquisition of the item applied for Is such is not included in the Annex “A” of the
TIEZA Guidelines or in the list as approved by the Board during the Final Evaluation Report. Submission
of brochures or technical literature for said items may be an added requirement.


Other Requirements as specified by TIEZA (e.g. Cash Bond)