For Branch or Representative Office or Regional Headquarters or Regional Operating Headquarters

TIEZA sworn certification for branch or representative office or regional headquarters or regional operating headquarters

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(As amended by Circular No. 794 dated 18 April 2013)

(Suggested Format for Branch/Representative Office/Regional Headquarters/
Regional Operating Headquarters)

I, _____________________________________, of legal age, ____________________
(Name of Affiant)


and a resident of the Philippines, after being duly sworn to in accordance with the law,
hereby depose and state that:
1. I am the __________________________________________________
(Authorized Officer’s Position)

of_______________________________________________________, with
(Name of Investee firm)

address at ____________________, herein referred to as the investee firm;
2. That herein foreign investor, ________________________, is a foreign
entity incorporated under the laws of _________________________ and
duly licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission under License No.
___________ issued on __________________ to establish its
branch/representative office/regional headquarters/regional operating
headquarters (B/RO/RHQ/ROHQ) in the Philippines the purpose of which is
to ___________________________________________________________
3. That said foreign investor has inwardly remitted, and converted into
Philippine pesos (PHP), if applicable, thru an authorized agent bank (AAB)
the amount of USD/other foreign currency __________________________
on __________________, per Certificate of Inward Remittance (CIR) of
Foreign Exchange No. _________________________________ issued by
_________________________ on____________________;
(Name of AAB)

4. That the equivalent amount of the foreign currency in PHP
________________ was recorded in the books of B/RO/RHQ/ROHQ as
assigned capital or operational working fund;
5. That the investment certified herein plus previous investment/s (less
repatriation, if any) totals PHP __________________; which is in line with
existing laws to establish B/RO/RHQ/ROHQ in the Philippines.
I have hereunto set my hand this ___________ day of ___________________ 20__ at
(Signature over Printed Name)
SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN TO before me this _____day of_____________20___, at
____________, Philippines affiant exhibiting his/her (government-issued identification card) no.
______________issued on ________________ at _________________, Philippines.
Witness my hand and notarial seal on the date and place above-written.
Doc. No. __;
Page No. __;
Book No. __;
Series of ___.

N.B. The above form may be amended as appropriate.