Meat Importer Application Form

NMIS application form for meat importer

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Visayas Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City

colored  photo
2x2 size
(recently taken)

Tel Nos. 924‐7980, 924‐7971; Fax No. 456‐6368

1. Importer's Reference No. (to be filled up by NMIS RTOC‐MIEAIS)

2. Date of filing

[{Date(mmddyy)‐Application No.‐Classification} e.g. 041013‐0001‐MIT]

3. Name & Address of Company

4. a. Tel. No.



     b. E‐mail


5. Mailing Address

6. a. Tel. No.



     b. E‐mail


7. Name of Responsible Officer


8. Type of Company

9. TIN No. of Company



Single Proprietor

10. Name & Address of Plant, Warehouse or Cold Storage


11. Telephone and Fax No.

                              Leased or Rent

12. Authorized Contact Person

13. a. Type of ID presented

14. Telephone and Fax No.

ID No.  _______________________
              Company personnel


       b. Authorization

15. Classification as importer (please check one)
 A. Regular Meat Importer
B. Duty Free Meat Importer

16. Type of commodity


Dry Warehousing


      Meat Processor (DFL‐MIP)

             Others (please specify)

            Trader (MIT)


            Meat Processor (MIP)

     Institutional User (DFL‐MIIU)


            Institutional User (MIIU)

     Duty Free Shops (DFS)



17. Signature of Owner, Chairman or President

                 vaccumed pack (hotdog)

                   dried (jerkey)

18. Signature of Authorized Company Personnel or Broker

(Signature over printed name)

(Signature over printed name)

I hereby declare under penalties of perjury that the above statement are true and correct to the best 
                 of my knowledge.

Name and Signature of Authorized
*Claiming Option:


thru courier service

*Note: If representative please attach either of the following documents

a. Special Power of Attorney (SPA)
b. Company Board Resolution



For Annual Accreditation
Denied Application

           Reviewed and Evaluated by/Date

      Validated/Verified by Supervisor/Date



The Undersigned, __________________________________________________, take note of the Guidelines for the
issuance of NMIS Certificate of Accreditation (COA) to import meat and/or meat products, the terms
and conditions are herein quoted below, and do hereby undertake to abide by these Guidelines.



The importer shall import meat and/or meat products according to the
classification/category given by DA-NMIS as follows:
1. Meat Importer Meat Processor (MIP) shall be allowed to import meat and/or meat
products including buffalo meat from India for their own processing but not for
trading purposes.
2. Meat Importer Trader (MIT) shall be allowed to import meat and/or meat products
except buffalo meat from India for distribution.
3. Meat Importer Institutional User (MIIU) shall be allowed to import meat and/or
meat products except buffalo meat from India for use in their hotel, restaurant,
embassy, airline, shipping line and the like but not for trading purposes.
4. Duty Free Meat Importer Processor (DFL-MIP) shall be allowed to import raw
materials for further processing or value adding as approved by the concerned Duty
Free Authority.
5. Duty Free Locator Meat Importer Institutional User (DFL- MIIU) shall be allowed
to import meat and/or meat products for culinary preparations in hotels, restaurants
and the like but not for trading.
6. Duty Free Shop (DFS) shall be allowed to import only cooked, processed and
canned meat products for sale to qualified consumers (DA-AO Nos. 32 & 33 s. 1999
DA-AO No. 3 s. 2000).
The importer shall import meat and/or meat products only from FMEs duly accredited by DA,
which are posted at the NMIS website (;
In case the importer is importing meat and/or meat products thru consolidation or indenture
or facilitation, the importer must submit a Certificate from the DA
accredited Foreign Meat
Establishment (FME) that the consolidator/indenture/facilitator is authorized by the FME;
The importer shall not apply for a Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) Import Clearance to import
meat and/or meat products without a valid meat importer’s accreditation certificate from the
NMIS or when the NMIS accreditation has expired;
The importer shall notify the NMIS RTOC prior to the arrival of the imported shipment at the
port of entry for proper coordination and dispatching of Veterinarian/Meat Inspector to the
designated Cold Storage Warehouse (CSW)/dry warehouse destination;
The transfer of shipment from the port of entry to the NMIS accredited (CSW) shall be covered
by a Veterinary Quarantine Meat Inspections Laboratory Certificate (VQMILC) which can be
secured on-line;
That upon release and clearance from the seaport or airport of entry, the importer shall
transfer the imported goods to the DA accredited CSW or dry warehouse stated in the
application for accreditation, SPS Import Clearance and VQMILC;
If the designated CSW or dry warehouse is full, the importer shall request the
VQO to change the CSW destination indicated in the VQMILC to another CSW which is also
accredited by DA;

The importer shall submit to the NMIS Plant Officer for inspection, evaluation and verification
the following documents:
1. Regular meat importers – VQMILC (original copy); IVC, Bill of Lading, Commercial
Invoice, Packing List, SPS Import Clearance and IEIRD or proof of payment of customs
duties and taxes (CTC)
2. Duty free meat importers – VQMILC (original copy) except for DFS; IVC, Bill of
Lading, Commercial Invoice and Packing List, SPS Import Clearance (CTC)


The importer shall submit to the NMIS all used VQMILC, utilization and inventory of stocks at
the end of each month;
K. The importer shall at no time break the BAI seal and BOC seal (if present);
L. The BAI seal and BOC seal (if present) shall only be broken by the duly assigned NMIS Plant
Officer at the CSW/DW, in the presence of the importer/broker, BOC Inspector (when present),
CSW owner/operator/representative and Duty Free Authority representative (where
M. The importer shall unload the shipment at the accredited CSW indicated in the VQMILC or in
the dry warehouse indicated in the accreditation certificate in the presence of the NMIS Plant
Officer. The policy on “NO NMIS PLANT OFFICER, NO UNLOADING” shall be strictly
N. The importer shall provide utility workers to assist the NMIS Plant Officer in the opening and
closing of the boxes during the conduct of physical inspection in order to expedite the
unloading and inspection processes, which must be completed the soonest possible time to
prevent adulteration;
O. The importer shall not transfer the imported meat and/or meat products to its final destination
without the accompanying Certificate of Meat Inspection (COMI) for transport of meat and
meat products duly signed by the NMIS Plant Officer;
P. The importer shall renew the NMIS accreditation at least one month before the expiry date.
Application for renewal of accreditation after the expiry date shall be considered as new
Q. The importer shall inform immediately the NMIS should there be any change/s in the
information given in the application for accreditation;
R. The importer shall abide by the other pertinent Philippine laws and rules and regulations of the
Department of Agriculture;
S. The importer’s accreditation shall be revoked/cancelled for failure to comply with
undertaking or upon recommendation of the Regional Technical Director for violation of the
T. The importer shall not pursue any action against NMIS for the delay in the release of their
imported shipment when the cause of the fault is the importer itself.

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