Authentication Form

DFA form for Authenticating documents

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Authentication Form as of July 2016

Office of Consular Affairs
Authentication Division

Control No.

A. Pls. check box for preferred transaction

Procedures for Authentication Application
❶ Fill out this Application Form (Sections A to C)

Expedite: 1 working day

❷ Proceed to Processing Window and present valid ID.
❸ Pay corresponding fees to the Cashier.
❹ Bring machine-validated receipt and claim the Authenticated
document on the indicated release date

Fee: ₱200 per document

Regular : 4 working days
Fee: ₱100 per document

B. Name of Applicant/ Exporting Company (in the document/s)
Surname (Family Name)

First Name

Middle Name


Contact number/email address

Name of Representative:

Contact number:

*An Authorized Representative may file/claim Authentication applications and must present the following:
1) Original notarized and acknowledged Special Power of Attorney (SPA) from the applicant; 2) Photocopy of the applicant’s ID (list of acceptable IDs at
the back page) bearing his/her signature; and 3) Photocopy of representative’s own ID (list of acceptable IDs at the back page) bearing his/her signature.

C. Please check box for type of document to be authenticated (Please see back page for requirements)
Type of Document
 PSA/NSO: Birth/Marriage/
Death Certificate/ Advisory/
 PSA/NSO: Muslim Docs
(Marriage/ Divorce/ Conversion)
 State U/ CHED/ TESDA/
C.A.V.: Diploma/ Transcript of
 DepEd C.A.V.: Elementary/
High School Form 137/ Diploma
 Medical/AIDS Free Certificate
 NBI Clearance/Sundry
Information/ Police Clearance

For Official
Use Only

Type of Document
 PRC ID/Cert. of Registration/
Board Cert./ Rating/Certification
 Employment/Training Cert./
 SPA/Agreement/Affidavits/
Deed of Sale/MOA
 Court Decision/Resolution
 LTO License Certification
DSWD Clearance/Adoption
 CAAP Certification

Total Number of Documents for Authentication: _________

For Official
Use Only

For Official

Type of Document
Use Only
 Export/Import Documents:
Certificate of Origin/Sales/
Invoice/ Packing List/ Bill of
Landing/Export Declaration, etc.
Barangay Certificate with
Mayor’s Certification
 Oath or Renunciation
 NCMF Certification

Purpose: ____________________________________________

Processor’s Remarks (Please do not fill this up) : _________________________________________________________________
* Important Notice:
1) This form, when duly-signed and dated, shall constitute proof of ownership or possession of the documents submitted for
authentication and confirms the veracity of the information provided;
2) Submission of a falsified or forged document is punishable by law and shall will be dealt with accordingly;
3) If you wish to have your documents claimed by a courier company, a notarized SPA with photocopy of your valid ID must be
presented upon release/pick-up; and
4) The DFA assumes no responsibility for any delay, delivery error, loss or damage to the document once it has been released to
your authorized representative/courier company.

Signature over Printed Name

Date Filed

Receiving Processor

D. Releasing
* Important Notice:
1) The signature on the space below indicates the applicant’s confirmation of the accuracy of the entries contained on the
authentication certificate;
2) Request for correction of entries on the Authentication Certificate must be brought to the attention of the Authentication Pending
and Correction Unit within 24 hours upon receipt of the Authenticated Document;
3) Request for corrections made beyond 24 hours shall be charged with the corresponding authentication fees; and
4) All unclaimed DFA Authentication Certificates will be disposed of after three (3) months from the schedule date of release due
to lack of storage space. This measure is also undertaken to minimize the risk of fire hazard.

Signature over Printed Name

Date Received

Releasing Personnel

Authentication Concerns? Please call
(632) 834-4000 loc 2106 or 2266 or
Alternate email: