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PHCC appendix 2.3 sample for notification form

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Worldwide Operations and Worldwide Sales of the Notifying Group of
Natural Lather Industries, Inc.
Natural Lather Industries, Inc. is a holding company incorporated in the
Philippines with a portfolio of companies related to the manufacture of all-natural
shampoos and conditioners. the companies in its portfolio are Gugo, Inc., MacDonald
Farms, Inc., and Quetzal Aviary. The worldwide gross sales of its entire Notifying
Group is Php 7,000,500,000.00.
Gugo, Inc. is a Philippine company engaged in the business of manufacturing,
packing, and distributing all-natural shampoos and conditioners all carrying the
tradename “Virginia”. It distributes its products to all supermarkets and groceries
nationwide through its fleet of eco-friendly vehicles and cargo ships. For the year 2016,
Gugo, Inc. recorded Php 5,000,000,000.00 gross sales.
MacDonald Farms is a Philippine company engaged in the production of allnatural organic raw materials exclusively for Gugo, Inc. It propagates flowers, fruits,
and essential oils in its farm in Laguna. For the year 2016, MacDonald Farms recorded
its gross sales at Php 2,000,000,000.00.
Quetzal Aviary is a Cayman Islands company operating in Guatemala. It
supports the Guatemalan government in its drive to preserve the Quetzal, their
national bird. Natural Lather Industries, Inc. holds 35% of the shares in the aviary. The
aviary nurses and houses the quetzal and provides a last frontier to these birds. For
the year 2016, gross sales of Php 500,000.00 (as converted) was recorded by the aviary.