Application for Accreditation of Repair Shop

DTI application form for accreditation of repair shop

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Business Licensing and Accreditation Division (BLAD)
Application for Accreditation of Repair Shop, etc. (PD 1572)
Detailed Information about the Shop, Operation and Services
Name of Applicant Firm : ________________________________________________________________
1. Basic Information

Type of Entity :  Corporation
 Partnership
 Sole Proprietorship
Date established: __________________
C. Capital: _______________________
Size of shop (sq.m.): ____________________ E. Size of office: ___________________
No. of working stalls: ____________________ G. Size per stall: ___________________

2. Service Offered:
A.  Electronics
B.  Office Machine
C.  Medical/Dental

 Electrical
 Aircon/Refrigeration
 Data Processing Equipment

D. Motor Vehicles and Heavy Equipment (check all applicable):
D.1. Painting
D.11. Lubricating System
D.2. Body Works
D.12. Upholstery Services
D.3. Brake System
D.13. Glass Replacement & Door Repair
D.4. Transmission-Standard
D.14. Truck Rebuilding/Assembly
D.5. Transmission-Automatic
D.15. Auto Electrical Repair
D.6. Hydraulic/Pneumatic/Air Systems
D.16. Steering Mechanism
D.7. Engine Overhauling
D.17. Water Oil Fuel Pump
D.8. Front Suspension
D.18. Instrumental Panel Services
D.9. Complete Wheel Alignment
D.19. Battery Repair
D.10.Wheel Balancing
D.20. Car Accessories
E. Engineering Works and Engine Services:
E.1. Crankshaft Regrinding
E.2. Cylinder Reboring
E.3. Camshaft & Crank Line Boring
E.4. Cylinder Ridge Reaming
E.5. Cylinder Sleeving Re-standard
E.6. Cylinder Sleeving Work
E.7. Clutch Plate/Flywheel Refacing
E.8. Cracked Cylinder Black Repair
1. Connecting Rod Resizing
2. Piston Rehab. (Welding & Machining)
E.9. Cracked Valve Seats Repair
E.10. Valve/Valve Seats Refacing

E.11. Rebatting Bearing Work
E.12. Brake Drum Refacing
E.13. Lathe Works
E.14. Electric/Oxy Acetylene Welding
E.15. Cracked Cylinder Head Welding
E.16. Hydraulic Cylinder Head Welding
E.17. Shaft Straightening & Aligning
E.18. Propeller Balancing and Repair
E.19. Vapor Steam & Degreasing
E.20. Metalizing Work
E.21. Fabrication/Duplication
E.22. Parts Duplication/Manufacturing

F. Other Services Offered: _______________________________________________________
3. Presence of the following Office/Shop Facilities, Trainings & Insurance:



Customer’s Waiting Room?
Customer’s Comfort Room?
Employee’s Locker Room?
Employee’s Comfort/Shower Room?
Cashier’s Booth?
Vehicle reception area?
Owned/Leased parking area for furnished vehicles or for vehicles waiting for parts
G.1 If yes, how many it can accommodate? ________ Size: _______ sq.m.

H. Parts Department of Storeroom?
H.1 Inventory at cost (as of end of December of the preceding year) P_________


CPG-FTEB-BLAD-Form No.06/rev.00/10.06.16

M. Continuous Training Program for your Mechanics/Technicians?

M.1 Training Course: ______________________________ Duration: ________(hours)
N. Security Measures?

N.1 Security Service: Name of Agency _________________________________

N.2 Company guards

O. Insurance Coverage?

O.1 Type: __________________________ Policy No.: _________________________
O.2 Expiry Date: _____________________ Amount of coverage: Php______________


Tool Room? Type of storage used: ____________________
I.1 Submit list of branches with their respective location, shop layout, organization,
list of service employees, list of tools and equipment owned and used.
J. Communication facilities: ____Telephone
____ Fax ____ Email
K. Areas for inflammables such as gasoline, oil, paint, etc.?
L. Fire extinguishers?
L.1 Type

I certify that the foregoing information are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand
that any false statement shall be ground for disapproval of our application or revocation of accreditation.
Likewise, I understand that the information stated herein would be validated during inspection of our
Name and Signature of the authorized

Date: _________Time:_____
A. Findings: (Signages, Sign Boards; Job Authorization, Billing and Payment Invoices; Tools and Equipment)
B. Remarks/Recommendation:
Inspection Team
(Name of Inspector)

(Name of Inspector)

This is to certify that the FTEB Inspection Team conducted the inspection/visit on our
premises on ___________________ and validated the above information. Report/Information
gathered during the said inspection/visit are true and correct.
Person/Official Interviewed
(Signature over printed name)

CPG-FTEB-BLAD-Form No.06/rev.00/10.06.16