Declaration of UDHA Compliance Comp

HLRUB declaration form for UDHA compliance project

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Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board
Expanded National Capital Region Field Office
6th Floor, Sunnymede IT Center,
1614 Quezon Avenue, South Triangle, Quezon City

Republic of the Philippines )
_____________________ ) S.S.

(For Subdivision Projects)

I, ______________ of legal age, with postal address at __________________________________
after being sworn to in accordance with the law do hereby depose and the following:

1) That I am the ____________________, of ________________________________ duly

(Name of Firm)

authorized for the purpose of this undertaking.
2) That the said Firm is the owner/developer of ________________________ located at
________________________________________________ which is the subject of an
application for License to Sell before the Housing and Land Use Regulatory board
3) That, I fully understand the legal obligation of my company to guarantee and ensure the
delivery of individual titles to the lots/units purchased by our buyers, titles of areas declared
as open space/common areas.
4) That for the reason not attributable to our negligence of intentional malfeasance and
which are beyond our control, the issuance of such separate titles and inscription of the
required annotation will take time.
5) That I hereby warrant that there is no legal reason or justifiable cause why said titles
could not be issued in the normal course of business.
6) That I understand to submit to this Office within fifteen (15) calendar days from release
of License to Sell for the project proof of filing of proper and complete request of or
application with the concerned Register of Deeds for the issuance of individual TCTs for all
saleable lots and that if deemed necessary and upon demand by HLURB copies of said
titles shall be submitted.
7) That I understand to submit certified true copy of titles for all the common area each of
which shall specify the particular purpose for which the lot shall be used (parks and
playground, community facilities, roads, etc.,) not later than 120 days counted from release
of the License to Sell.
8) That in the case of non-compliance herewith, HLURB may suspend our license or
consider the same revoked.
9) That I bind myself jointly and severally with the company in ensuring compliance with the



SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me this _____ day of _______________ 20___, affiant
exhibiting before me his/her Residence Certificate No. ____________ issued at ______________
on ________________.


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