IoT Instruction

BLGF instruction for itinerary for travel

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A. This form shall be used by the official/employee of the agency/entity making the travel to
show the detailed itinerary of travel before and after the travel and shall be attached to all
claims for traveling expenses (cash advance for travel and actual expenses). This shall be
prepared by fund cluster.
B. It shall be accomplished as follows:
1. Entity Name– name of the agency/entity
2. Fund Cluster – the fund cluster name/code in accordance with the UACS
3. No. – number assigned to the IoT by the Administrative/Travel Unit
4. Name – name of the official/employee going on travel
5. Position – position of the official/employee going on travel
6. Official Station – the official station of the official/employee going on travel
7. Date of Travel – schedule of travel
8. Purpose of Travel – purpose of travel based on the approved travel order
9. Date – schedule of activities to be performed during the travel
10. Places to be visited – places where the activities are to be performed
11. Time – time of departure from and arrival to places to be visited
12. Means of Transportation – means of transportation to be used such as plane, taxi, etc.
13. Transportation – amount of transportation expenses
14. Per Diem – amount of allowable traveling expense for subsistence and lodging
15. Others – amount of other allowable expenses to be incurred/incurred during the travel
16. Total Amount – total of transportation expense, per diem and other expenses
17. Total – vertical total of „Total Amount‟ column
C. The “Prepared by” portion of the IoT shall indicate the printed name of, and be signed by the
official/employee going on travel.
D. The IoT shall be certified by the Immediate Supervisor of the official/employee going on
travel, as follows:
“I certify that (1) I have reviewed the foregoing itinerary, (2) the travel is
necessary to the service, (3) the period covered is reasonable and (4) the
expenses claimed are proper.
Signature over Printed Name
Immediate Supervisor”
E. The “Approved by” portion of the IoT shall indicate the printed name of, and be signed by the
Head of Agency or his/her Authorized Representative.
F. This form shall be prepared in two copies distributed as follows:

Copy 2

COA Auditor, through the Accounting Division/Unit, together
with the supporting documents to be attached to the DV for cash
advance of estimated traveling expenses or payment of actual
traveling expenses
Officer/Employee concerned