PCV Instruction

BLGF instruction for petty cash voucher

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10. Box B - Paid by – shall be signed by

A. The form shall be accomplished as follows:

the PCFC
1. Entity Name – name of the agency/entity
2. Fund Cluster – the fund cluster
name/code in accordance with the UACS
3. No. – number assigned to the PCV by the
PCFC. It shall be numbered as follows:

11. Box B - Cash Received by – shall be

signed by the recipient of cash
II. To be filled out upon liquidation
12. Total Amount Granted – the amount

0000- 0000-00-0000

of cash received by the claimant
13. Total Amount Paid Per OR/Invoice

Serial number (one
series for each year)

No. _______ – the total amount paid
as shown in the OR/invoice presented
14. Amount Refunded/Reimbursed –
the difference between the total
amount granted less amount spent
15. Box C – the PCFC shall check the
appropriate box for “Received
Refund” or “Reimbursement Paid”
and affix his/her signature
16. Box D – the payee shall check the
appropriate box for “Liquidation
Submitted” and/or “Reimbursement
Received by” and affix his/her

Petty Cash
Custodian Code

Date – date of the preparation of PCV

name/office/address of payee/employee
requesting cash advance charged to the
5. Responsibility Center Code – the cost/
responsibility center code of the requesting
B. Part I shall be filled out upon request of
the petty cash advance and Part II shall be
filled out upon liquidation.
I. To be filled out upon request

Particulars – brief description of the
nature of disbursement/expense
7. Amount – amount of petty cash requested
8. Box A – Requested by – shall be signed
by the Requestor
9. Box A – Approved by - shall be signed by
the Immediate Supervisor of the Requestor


C. The PCV shall be prepared in two copies
distributed as follows:

Copy 2

to be attached to the RPPCV
together with the supporting
PCFC file